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X360KEY is coming... ETA end of june...

we can only say this: "XBOX OPTICAL DRIVE EMULATOR aka XODE" is coming... For now we can not release specific information or images, which would benefit x360key...
after seeing the features and prices x360key we can say that:

1- Fortunately x360key follows the "old" approach of Wode... XODE instead introduces a new way of working really original... we will surprise you.
2- XODE will work on XBOX SLIM since its launch with a 100% support of AP25.
3-Half price then a X360KEY in production!!! thanks the new "original" concept of point 1...

We plan to release a first proof of working at middle/end of may with a nice video working on a X360 SLIM console... and a detailed review near the release of X360KEY... Production will be ready on JULY.

We advise all to wait before place BIG pre-orders from WIIKEY/X360KEY team, it is wise to don't risk too much... after not tell us that there were not warned...

PS: we found time also to update WODE platform, finally the WEB interface is almost ready, we plan to release this feature next week.

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