HDFury Gamer Edition

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World's First and sole All In One cable solution to connect HDMI sources to RGB displays !

The global phenomenon that is HDfury is now available in a brand new shape: The Gamer Edition - The perfect solution for all PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite owners!

HDfury Gamer Edition is a straight HDMI to VGA cable that includes an embedded HDfury module.

Product features

  • World's First and Only One PLUG and PLAY solution ! HDMI straigh to VGA ! All in One Cable !
  • Affordable pricing to compete with the cost of Components cable + VGA box commonly used by gamers till now to connect their PS3 or Xbox360 Elite to an analog display.
  • Outstanding and Unbeatable quality for the money (absolutely no competition with VGA box, it will make any VGA box looks like a toy from the dollar shop! )
  • Allow DVD playback with upscaling up to 1080p on PS3/Elite or any others HDMI source
  • Allow to access advanced HDMI settings from any HDMI source
  • ICT bulletproof

Please notice! A power supply cannot be added to the HDfury Gamer Edition cable due to the all-in-one sealed design.

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